CD 701.6 Confederate egg - Sold Thank you!

By Bill Winters; posted September 17, 2002

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Price has been reduced to $325 + actual shipping and insurance.

I am offering for sale an olive blackglass CD 701.6. This type of threadless insulator is commonly called a Confederate egg.

There is some chipping associated with the base area or the overpour at the base line. The worst is a V-shaped chip - I have included a picture that shows the base area and this chip is visible. Above the base this piece is in pretty good condition. There is a 1/8" very shallow ding on the dome that is white and several other very small pecks that show white. There are a few small rubs near the wire groove area - they blend in quite well. There are also a couple of areas of "roughness" near the wire groove area - I cannot determine if they are open bubbles, shallow chips or just a crude mold. Looking through the insulator (when backlit) I can see a few lines - either cooling lines or stress lines - quite common for these older insulators.

These pieces are quite crude and this one is no exception. This is a nice example of a Civil War era insulator. And best of all...this insulator would look good at your house!

See a second picture at [id=36807927]