Fabricating a Coin Impression

By Michael Gibbons; posted February 16, 2013

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Fabricating a Coin Impression on a glass insulator may be easier than you think....Introducing the fake maker.

I have heard a lot of crazy stories on how to alter insulators in one way or another, and to be honest with you, I have access to a lot of equipment that could be used to such an end. In fact, I am even licensed to handle low level nuclear material, which is admittedly very odd coming from a hippie.....LOL...BUT, I can honestly say I have never altered an insulator using radiation or any other method.

I normally work on a land survey crew, but in my off time I do all sorts of odd jobs to keep the money coming in. Today was no exception. A famous lapidary artist in Denver is suffering from poor health and is liquidating his equipment (formally an aerospace lens polisher). While moving equipment out of his studio I was told to box up an ultrasonic drill for storage until a buyer is found. To my astonishment, the drill was accompanied by a very special bit, one specifically designed by the artist to make impressions of a dime onto glass or rock. As you can imagine, I just had to take pictures for all you insulator collectors before I boxed it up. The bit with the dime welded to the tip is standing next to the drill upside down with the head facing up for you to view......Crazy!

Anybody want to buy an ultrasonic drill with bits for $6,000.....LOL

Just a heads up


PS...A penny could also be brazed onto an ultrasonic drill bit