100 Baby Signals

By Andrew Gibson; posted February 9, 2013

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Every year on the 100th day of school, my children have been asked to bring in a collection of 100 objects. This year Ian wanted to bring in 100 insulators, but as my wife didn't want to carry them all in to school (and I didn't really want to risk 6 and 7 year olds playing with my collection!), we settled on taking a picture. And Ian will take 2 of HIS baby signals in to school so the kids can see them up close.

The amusing thing for me was that we went down and started raiding my collection, and soon had all the ones in the basement set up, and we still needed more So I went into my main collection and raided that, and took almost all of them. After taking the picture, I stood there and looked at them, thinking to myself that I know I have way more than 100 CD 160s. Then I started looking around, and realized, oh, yeah, there's 24 on my pinwheel display. And oh, yeah, there's 40 or so different mold numbers in that bookcase. And 20 or 30 more over in that other bookcase. And, oh, yeah, 5 or 10 on the pins going up the steps. And, yikes! How could I forget the 25 in my upstairs window! There's a few more sprinkled here and there throughout the house, too. Without even starting to count the porcelain versions! It's funny how you can miss the things you see every day, right in front of your face!