Aussie power mud for trade

By Chris Ronayne; posted February 3, 2013

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Here's three porcelain pieces used in Australia. The U-1491 was used on low voltage power circuits and railway comms lines and the other two were used on low voltage power circuits.

Left to RIght:

Unmarked blue shackle (prob. KP product). Repaired but barely visible. - TRADED Unmarked crude U-1491. There's a crack running around it, which is visible in places. Still, a very nice and somewhat crude piece. 1971 incused Koster Potteries (KP) U-2385

NOTE: The blue spool has been traded, however the other two are still available.

I am interested in any British porcelain, unusual Aussie porcelain and foreign (european) glass and porcelain. I also love American stuff. Send me an email if you have any questions or want more photos of a piece.