Aussie mud for trade

By Chris Ronayne; posted February 3, 2013

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Some Aussie mud up for trade.

Left to Right:

1968 Koster Potteries (KP) U-1158 1955 NGK (Japan) U-1158 Light blue 'GH' U-1158 1943 Green & White Robert Fowler Limited (R.F.Ltd) U-1154 - TRADED 1971 incused Koster Potteries (KP) U-1148 1952 Robert Fowler Limited (R.F.Ltd) U1148

NOTE: The green & white RFLtd U-1156 has been traded, however the others are still available. I may be getting some more two toners in the future, so keep an eye out for future updates and posts!

I am interested in any British porcelain, unusual Aussie porcelain and foreign (european) glass and porcelain. I also love American stuff. Send me an email if you have any questions or want more photos of a piece.