Cornflower W.F.G.Co. Denver Colo. CD 121 Sale $75 Sold

By Roger Poole; posted January 7, 2013

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Being sold with this insulator [id=362149812] as package deal for $90

What a rich cornflower blue color this insulator has and cool charector. The rear and left side of the insulator is underpoured and it leans to the left more so then my pic seems to show. The W of the WFGCo. embossing is clearly double embossed to the left of the normal embossing. The rest of the letters are only partly embossed above other letters. The back side of this insulator has a large #16 on the rear skirt and was also slightly emboosed with another #16 slightly offset from the center of the top of the dome.

It is obvious from my pic this insulator isn't in mint condition. A good thing is chip in the front doesn't break all the way through the skirt. It may not be easy to see in my pic but there is actually another flake that is connected and much shallower then the obvious one. That one effected the very bottoms portions of the DEN embossing. There is also another opened bubble at the base within the underpour which you can't see in my pic. The back of the dome also took a good hard bang leaving a ping bruise with some glass missing off the surface. Also the bottom of the wire groove guide on the rear side has a clean flake.

If mint this insulator books 400-500. I'm asking $100 for this surviver delivered to your door. Pay Pal in gift more and paper accepted as payment. Will be selling a few more insulators here at Icon and will be glad to combine shipping. NOW $89.99 first email saying I take without more pics being sent.