I am glad to be a new member!

By Amy Perdue; posted January 2, 2013

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Hello everyone, I am a new ICON member. I have worked for utility co.'s since 2001. Since then I've noticed that i have collected a few glass insulators here and there over the years. I never really paid attention to what was written on them until recently. So I am very new to the verbage. I've read Ted's top ten tips. I've searched for hours and days trying to see if my collection is of any value. I've come to the conclusion; Yes it is... to ME.... The items shown were collected in upstate NY, around Muncie, IN, and KY. I have a few other not shown some porcelain. So if any of you collectors would like to comment on any item I have please feel free... I would appreciate it and what is the best way to ask questions on ICON? Thank you for your time and I welcome any feedback ICON members have to offer