CD 134 T-HE Co CRISP Yellow Green

By Roger & Beth Ziesak; posted December 29, 2012

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I'm a sucker for a nice yellow green, or any green for that matter, and this one is an eye catcher but I'm not really into the 134s. This is a sparkling piece with typically a very high book value. I'm not expecting book but somewhere around half. The piece does have a little bit of damage. There is a chip about 1/4" wide on the lower wire groove and a bruise with a rough spot directly above it on the upper wire groove. Also a couple of small shallow flakes on the base. That's it, the rest is mint. There is a bit of milk right behind the Co. embossing that sort of makes a reverse Nike swoosh for an 1 1/4" or so. It has a backwards 2 on the rear crown. Really a stellar piece.

I'm looking to trade for one or more good power pieces. Specifically looking for any of the following: CD 200 Star, green or yellow green; CD 199 Prism; CD 238 Hemi in honey amber; CD 242 Hemi; CD 267 in yellow green, yellow olive green, or emerald green; CD 267.5 in green, emerald green, or yellow green; or a CD 269. Also a nice CD 154 Hemi in carnival. Open to other power pieces as well. Higher value pieces with some damage would also work.

Just as this piece is not mint I'm not necessarily looking for mint either. Would like it to display well though. Can use cash to square up any trade. Additional pics on request.