Splices Of Various Kinds

By Michael Gibbons; posted December 17, 2012

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Splices of various kinds used by lineman to join or reattach utility pole wires. 1.) Copper wires attached using a brass "sleeve", which simply involved twisting all three together. 2.) Older rusted copper clad wire attached to a newer galvanized wire using a compression sleeve "ferrule", probably by Nicopress (metal incompatibility and flaking of galvanized coating when tying splices brought about this clamp). 3.) A factory splice completely wrapped in a wire "serving", which is common to San Fran, Ca, E.C.&M. Co. lines. 4.) Very small splice done in a fashion typically referred to as a Western Union. 5.) A Western Union Splice sealed with a thin coat of black tar to reduce corrosion connection problems. 6.) A Western Union Splice spun the opposite way, to the left, suggesting a left handed lineman. 7.) A Western Union Splice with a jumper bond lead soldered/brazed over the tie suggesting not enough line (i.e.weight) was present to pull the splice taunt for a good connection. 8.) A double Western Union suggesting not enough slack was present in the line to make a single splice, so a extra piece of wire was added.

This is a work in progress so if you noticed any mistakes, or you can add any information, please send me an e-mail?

I am also interested in adding different splices to this small collection of mine.


Other styles of splices:

Andy Smith



Jim Harlow


Carl D. Scott



Paul Greaves



Jim Decker


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