Arnie Bauer

By David Dahle; posted December 8, 2012

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Scanned from an old CJ from the '70s - I think this was out of one of the Denison, IA swap meet reports? Ray Clark was Arnie's neighbor and also a collector (Arnie told me at one time he believed Ray's widow still had a few pieces left and had tried to see about getting them). Sure looks like it was a nice display - can make out these pieces: 113.2, 735, 723.3, 196, 123, 178, 135, 132.2... I really wish I had spent more time talking insulators with Arnie; had planned to stop by the retirement home where he lived "one of these days" only to learn he passed away on December 3.

Arnie did give me the underlit display shelf in the picture after he sold his collection in 1984 and I made some improvements before eventually passing it along to another collector.