Odd Duke Power Build

By Jeffrey Kraemer; posted December 4, 2012

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When it comes to Duke, most of the lines are ancient. When stuff gets ancient and time comes to modernize the lines, odd stuff seems to somehow pass the test.

In Bessemer City, NC at one time there were three 44 kV circuits on wood pole lines. Two circuits were carried on normal Duke double poles and another on a single pole. Then, it was decided to shift one of the double pole ciruits to the single pole line. To do this they widened the arms on the single poles. This is unqiue construction around here and it actually seems to work just fine. It gets a bit more weird to see the distance between the single pole arms changing every other pole!

They also recycled the multiparts and reinstalled them. Most of the poles have them toward the center (maybe because of the weight?) but others have them mixed around and replacement poles have the same style of construction just with line posts. I think one of the multiparts on this pole is a Lapp and the other are OB.

Image from Google Street View. They have a great hi-definition camera!