CD 134 CREB as found

By Chris Cotnoir; posted November 18, 2012

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I just picked up this gem 'cause I can't resist CREBs. It is a CD 134 [150] (F-Crown) (Arc)WM BROOKFIELD/45 CLIFF ST. N.Y. (R-Crown) PAT.JAN. 25 1870 {MLOD} SB. There are a few bubbles I can make out in the skirt, I can't see any chips or cracks (doesn't mean they're not there), and I can see only one fleabite on the right rear skirt (doesn't mean there's no more under the soot and dirt). The lead wire is very heavy gauge, (mostly) cloth-covered copper, and makes a single loop around the insulator, with a lesser gauge, cloth-covered copper wire wrapped seven or eight times around the doubled lead to form a sort of "noose" right next to the glass. Further up the lead, there are yet lighter gauge wires wrapping around it. The insulator is held fast, but it can be rotated in the loop about half a turn with just a little oomph. The wooden peg stub screws in and out with ease . . . so I can't tell if it's original to the insulator—sure seems like it, though.