162.1 Window Display

By Lee Brewer; posted September 4, 2002

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Here is proof that an overlooked CD can be an exciting specialty!

This is my kitchen window display of these gems. It is a poor picture as I cannot get the lighting right on these. The olive ambers always appear olive green to my camera. It also seems the blues are never the right hue. Sunlight streaming through these jewels lights the room with wonderful shades of color as there is a much greater contrast in real life than the picture shows. Only in person can they be truly appreciated. I have others which I did not post pictures of. I also hope to Spec Tru them someday. I wanted to post these pictures to show people that the flashy color/big bucks pieces are not all that is out there. If you pick an unpopular specialty such as mine, the thrill of the hunt (shows or in the wild) can truly make this hobby an exciting adventure. Have no money??? Specialize and get excited again! Click the link for a close up of one of these gems.[id=35687231]