Suspected irradiated items

By Paul Greaves; posted October 22, 2012

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This photo is a composite of suspect items that have been offered by eBay seller "qwijebo1969" since January of 2012. As you can see, some are quite obviously in the classic spectrum of colors found in "irradiated" items, while some are not so obvious. It is even possible that one or two of these are not irradiated, it is their association with the other items that makes me suspicious. Note also that (for example) the CD 145 G.T.P. color looks pretty close to a normal royal purple, but this embossing is not listed in royal purple in the hobby guides as a known color for this item. I urge ICON members to make their own judgments on these items.

I have updated this photo: [id=355519217]

The insulator on the upper right is currently being offered on eBay as well as ICON. (Update:subsequently deleted from ICON at Bill's request)