Brookfield/H.G.CO CD 145 Imposter!

By Daniel Arnold; posted October 16, 2012

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Here is an interesting piece created by an embossing error! What does it look like at first glance? Why it looks like a common Brookfield B Shortmold CD 145 in dark blue aqua. Well, It is actually a CD 145 H.G.CO Petticoat Insulator! What happened? Both the H.G.CO & PETTICOAT embossing are missing only leaving it's shop letter B behind creating what appears to be a Brookfield. At first I was confused about this piece and upon comparison with a real short mold #4 Brookfield CD 145, They matched in dark blue aqua color, shape, and crudeness. The H.G.CO beehive also seemed to be very heavy, A lot more then usual also giving the impersination of an old Brookfield insulator.