Texas License Plate & Two Porcelain Signs

By Eric Wampner; posted October 12, 2012

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I know this isn't insulator related, but I know of a lot of insulator collectors who also collect porcelain signs. The Texas license plate is in fairly nice condition, and is 1957. The two signs are both porcelain, one Esso and one Conoco. These are both in phenominal shape for their age. These are pre-1940's, as they are porcelain. Probably circa-1930. Since the porcelain chipping is nearly nonexistant except on the edges in spots.........there is also nearly no rust. There is only a couple very very small spots of rust where the porcelain chipped away very very slightly. These are around 13 to 14 inches across and are very heavy since the porcelain was baked on on both sides. There are 4 holes in each one with a copper looking metal liner. These are not repros or knockoffs. Looking to trade this stuff for insulators. Looking for CD's 728, 131.4, 131, 144, 144.5, 732, 160.6, 160.7, 731. Or anything character. Would also combine cash with this stuff for a trade.