A new meaning to "blotted out embossing"?

By Bill Meier; posted September 4, 2012

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Saw this just before the bridge from Sanibel to Captiva, FL. Many years ago, there was a channel under the bridge connecting the gulf with the bay. However this channel had filled in many years ago as well. Thus, since the "bridge" was not over water, they decided to call it a highway...

Recently the channel was dredged again and now the "highway" turned into a "bridge" over water once again. So I guess they felt the sign needed updating...

Would the proper notation be:

(F-Sign) UP TO/$500 FINE/FOR/LITTERING/BRIDGE/['HIGHWAY' blotted out]/F.S.S. 403.413/[Blotted out writing]

The last line is "blotted out writing" because I can't read clearly all of the "[Numbers and digits and dots]" that are blotted out...

One will also notice that the new writing "BRIDGE" is slightly off centered compared to the rest of the lines... tell tale mark of a reworked sign!