B&O, Ol Signal, U-179, Purple Hemi 12 and Wide Ear Mouse

By Dante Di Midio; posted August 15, 2012

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light aqua B&O with the Backwards N's bb ping above W in W. Brookfield other wise vvnm SOLD

aqua Pat App For CD 133.1 spot of amber, dash of fire brick. small stress line thanks to a piece of junk and another on the inside near the start of the threads, small bit of light chipping along a 1/2 inch of the base.

unembossed PRR dirt included. Picked by me along what is now the River Line in Palmyra, NJ. very crude. thumb nail piece onf inner skirt missing and a few small slices on the edge of the skirt and a angled chip to the base in two spots. displays fine. SOLD

Pretty Purple Hemi No 12. missing 6 drips, slice takes the o in No and most of the 1. small pinky nail chip the the wire groove. the bad side is shown. also has nibbles out of the over poured base. glass after pinhole goes almost to the top of the drips in some parts.

aqua wide ear mouse Hemingray June 17 1890 May 2nd 1893. Meaty sharp drips one is missing. few small chips to unerside of ears. Has lots of extra glass after the pin hole. I think maybe they took this out of the mold too soon and when the flipped it over the weight of the ears made the top sag down. A good bit shorter than my other mice. SOLD

Looking for N.E.G.Ms.

CD 267.5 regular green

CD 294 light blue

CD 251 SB no mlob F-skirt N.E.G.M Co R-Skirt Pat June 17th 1890 blue aqua, dark yellow green

CD 251 RB F-skirt N.E.G.M Co R-Skirt Pat June 17th 1890 any color but darker aqua

CD 145 emerald green

also anything NEGM with character lots of seed bubble, big rocks or junk, snow storms, underpours, massive bubbles, lots of amber.

*I already have two different green with amber signals, two aqua shades with amber signals and an amber swirled yellow green signal.