Insul-snake on patrol!

By Edward W. Brown; posted August 8, 2012

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Approx 4 footer black rat snake, checking out the big Pyrex stuff, out in front of the house

Just like in all those "nature shows" on the TV, of course, it was "posed" for the shot ;-)

I am pretty sure that this is [id=294785410; the same one] that I found, half frozen, back in November 2010:

I had released it in May 2011, and when I found it again, in the front of the house, couple months ago, back in June, it was very calm and placid, and not nippy and feisty like most wild ones tend to be.

Apparently, it has returned for a third "visit", it calmly let me get up close to look it over and take a couple of pics, before it slowly crept under the front porch. Perhaps to lay eggs? [id=500649996]