California Color Guidance: Californias: Now aren't those just peachy!

By Colin Jung; posted July 12, 2012

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Here is my current acceptable range of peach color California insulators. Note the variation in coloration. I have purposely excluded the solarized peaches from this lineup so as not to further muddy the already murky waters. Here are my notes:

Left to right:

CD 160: Sold to me as a yellow Cal. I think it has a lot of peach tones in the dome but i see a lot of yellow too. Color of the insulator has not changed, but my interpretation of the color is evolving. Could go either way - peach or yellow, need more examples to help refine my perceptions.

CD 121: Straight no questions asked peach color toll. Some Cal collectors think they have a yellow toll, but they were all peach tolls in the 2005 San Jose National Combined California display.

CD 112: First identified to me as a yellow keg by a newer collector, but its peach (or is it gold?). Nice distinct color to this piece. It will probably end up as my color reference example for California peach.

CD 161: Purchase off eBay as a "canary yellow California". I have described it in past ICON photos as a 2-tone with a peach top and yellow bottom. My evolving interpretation places it more as a straight peach, but the color is a tad too washed out in the dome and I dislike using this particular piece as a color example for peach.

CD 162: Purchase off eBay as a peach. Certainly the darkest of my range of peaches. Colorwise, it really doesn't fit into any other category.