W1 CD 127 for trade for...

By Bryan Lane; posted July 11, 2012

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...any old unloved porcelain you might happen to have lying around. Looking for old multiparts or uniparts or whatever. This insulator doesn't get the attention it needs here, so maybe someone else can appreciate it.... at the cost of some porcelain eh?

Insulator isn't mint, in fact, it's not the best: it's got a couple of shallow flakes close to a centimeter wide and maybe 2 centimeters tall- one on the base and one associated with the base flake on the skirt which you should be able to see in the picture. There's also a fisheye on the dome, roughly the size of a marble, an associated area of roughness, and of course your usual assortment of small nicks and little flakes and such. If you want pictures i can email them, or you can just find some equally damaged porcelain eh?

Send a pic/description and i'll let you know what i think!