Unlisted Duquesne CD 106.1 Cornflower Blue with Olive Swirls SOLD

By Colin Jung; posted July 1, 2012

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This was my most-picked-up insulator at the Kansas City National and it didn't sell! It appears to be an unlisted embossing: (Dome) [Number] (F-Skirt) DUQUESNE. (R-Skirt) GLASS. CO. SB. It has four fins and is in VVNM condition, just one flea bite on the upper wire ridge and look at those olive green swirls. I have a reduced trade value of $300 on this piece. Looking for a blue California baby signal in VNM to mint condition CD 160 to complete another trade. Some cash to even up trade. Sold at Rhode Ranch Tailgater 2014