Kathleen McLaughlin, 2012, Our Vintage Photos Researcher

By Joe Maurath, Jr.; posted June 30, 2012

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As described within a couple other ICON admissions here (yup, I know they have gotten rather lengthy!) Kathleen is a very focused architecturial historian (as a volunteer!) and lovingly shares a lot of her rare photos among the communities she is very much a dedicated member of.

Images with meaning and interest relative to ICONers have been (and will be) selected and continually posted. Kathleen and I really appreciate the words of support our hard work.

So far, neither of us have invented a time machine that brings us back decades or over 100 years ago.

As an alternative for the time-being, we have decided that her submissions help out with that endevor as we vision street scenes showing us how a lot of our insulators were used long ago.

In addition, Shorpy and other sites filled with yesteryears-image-wonders shall be highly be adored too ;-)

In respect to her wishes, a very recent photo of her is attached. She did modelling for some years and has natural strawberry-blonde hair exactly as you see.

An image from a few years ago is here: [id=240377646] Along with what I thought about this teriffic gal. And feel a lot more strongly to put it lightly ;-)

Anyhoo... keep a lookout for her at one of the shows here in the East....

Thanks Kathleen, for your kindness and sharing.