Rare Johns-Manville Porcelain Stamping Error Found

By Gordon Beresford; posted June 5, 2012

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This was purchased by me at the Spokane Spudfest last month, I bought it from Roger Ziesak from Montana. I asked permission to use his name here as the one who originally discovered the piece, he said the following; "The insulator came as part of a small collection I purchased in Missoula, MT. The seller told me he and his brother and dad would take trips to look for old insulators that had been discarded by the lineman. This was probably around 15 years ago. He said they mostly hunted for them in northwestern MT so that's where I'd guess the piece came from." A photo was sent to Elton Gish, as well as some up close shots of the stamping, it's very obvious that what should read Manville is obviously stamped Minville. Elton says this is the first of this error ever reported. I have to give credit to Roger for the report, but I bought the piece and love it.