Unique Two-tone CD 162.7 Derf

By Dwayne Anthony; posted April 26, 2012

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Not really a true junker, but this is unquestionably a wild two-tone. Up until this one surfaced, only the unembossed CD 162.7s were known in solid shades of purple. This is reportedly the only known Derf in any shade of purple, much less a bubbly, intense violet purple/aquamarine green two-tone.

This unique specimen was once offered several years ago through our auction services and quite honestly, it was very difficult to watch it come and go. It found a new home with the highest bidder where it has remained ever since. A call came in while attending the Rohde Ranch Tailgater last weekend informing me that a few items were available, including this one. Rubber was laid taking a side trip after departing from the ranch to secure this piece.

Dale and Art Huber found this insulator 10 years ago on a railroad pole line running south from El Paso to Chihuahua, Mexico. Other collectors had previously stripped this line of CD 135 Chicago diamond grooves and overlooked this stunning gem. Further down the same line a crown embossed CD 133 Brookfield was found in purple.