CD 295 Embossing - I think it's a poorly filled [070]

By Andrew Mika; posted April 11, 2012

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Here is a CD 295 I got about a year ago. In the picture you can see just how shallow the embossing is. This is probably just that the glass didn't flow down into the letters. Either that or a poor blot out. I'm just getting into the proper form for listing embossings, so here I go:

[???] (F-Skirt) ['HEMINGRAY' blotted out] / PATENTED MAY 2 1893 (R-Skirt) [HIGH VOLTAGE blotted out] / TRIPLE PETTICOAT / No72 / ['4' blotted out] {MLOsides} SDP

Tell me how I did! I got interested in glass when I went to my first DJIC swap meet where I bought this insulator. (Picture quality may be bad, this was a tricky shot). The glass piece is on top of my VICTOR M-4325, to answer any questions.

Thanks - Andrew