Junk filled STAR CD 106 #2

By Chris Ronayne; posted April 1, 2012

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Hello all,

I posted photos about this awhile back, in the help/questions folder, so some of you may remember this piece.

This insulator is a light green STAR CD 106 [010], fulwith lots of snow and micro-bubbles, and with lots of tiny bits or iron embedded in it. The iron is, most likely, from someone using a grinder in close proximity to the insulator, either during service or before its placement in an antique shop. An interesting insulator indeed!

Condition is VNM, wih only a few barely noticable very, very shallow stress cracks in the glass. I'm not sure if the embedded iron would be considered damage or not.


Will trade for CD 121s or a two or three pin metal sidepin bracket.

Chris M D Ronayne chrisronayne@live.com.au www.thyhumbletoll.webs.com/