By Peter Horner; posted March 29, 2012

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CD 102 Brookfield with sharp drip points, reverse 17 on dome, The color is what I call a dark olive green withhint of yellow, horizontal amber swirls (stripes) on reverse skirt, and vertical amber stripes on front, front skirt loaded with amber swirls, hard to see in the picture, has milk swirls and wisps, loop d loo wisp, if you look close you can see some amber swirls near the loop d loo, side of insulator near b in brookfield has milk swirls wisps in skirt and side up to dome, not seen in picture, several potstone(graphite and white) inclusions . This insulator is awesome with everything imaginable going on in the glass. My attempt at pictures really don't do it justice. Two drip points are hollow underpour, 1 drip with small flat I in Brookfield looks like wire rub, wire rub fleabite, reverse insulator is not as shiny, perhaps cold mold Displays excellent.

was Asking $125 plus shipping and insurance. Now only. $65 No pay pal. First email gets it.