Piece of the Rock

By Michael Gibbons; posted March 29, 2012

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Picked up this piece of the rock from along the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad, in front of the Buena Vista Department of Corrections. The lines in front of the prison had remained untouched until last summer when scrapers working under a federal beautification grant pulled down the lines. Initially the crew was surrounded by guards and guns until they checked their permit. After the guards left me and a friend went through the piles of insulators and found this Brookfield CD 126.3[040]. It appears to be a recycled piece from an older line.

Below is a web site with pictures of the area before the poles came down


WARNING to all Colorado collectors regarding the railroad tracks between Leadville and Salida. The scrap crews who took down the lines left a lot of insulators laying around the tracks and all the "Barney Fifes" in the area are arresting/fining people for trespassing when they go to pick up an insulator. Very odd when you consider the tracks have not been used in 10+ years.