Cobalt Blue Fog Bowl Picture Two

By Andy Wadysz; posted March 29, 2012

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Anybody know anything about these fog bowls that are marked PRIVATE POWER LINE on one side, the other side is "1996/V/F"? I assume the F means they were made by Findlay? This thing is brand new out of the box. Is there a U number or value range established? Thanks for any help!

Thanks to all of the ICONers (David D.,Rick S., Shaun K., Colin J.) who helped answer my questions! These were made in a special order by a Detroit collector named Ken Stephan in 1996 by Victor. The F stands for the neck type so a preformed tie wire could be used. There were reportedly around 50 made and there were two different sizes. Price range is $100 - $150. No U number yet that I know of.