Aermotor "Twin Towers"

By Andrew Mika; posted March 26, 2012

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I decided to hunt around the Catawba hydro plant on Sunday. I hunted the Catawba-Charlotte transmission line (Thomas 6Ts) and didn't even find a SIGN that the line existed. I headed across Lake Wylie, Wylie dam being on the site of the 1904 Catawba plant, to see some of the last standing Aermotor Twin Towers. These towers were made by the Aermotor Windmill Co. of Chicago for the Southern Power Company. I was unable to find any shards, as the undergrowth was as thick and strong as steel cables, and the grass had grown tall and thick. I figured I should get some pictures before the line is wrecked out, as it runs through a residential area. I even climbed one. Oh, what an experience. Maybe I can lop off some pole tops? Those towers are still sturdy after over 100 years up. The only members that show rust are the (probably un-galvanized) steel cross braces. Those still hold strong. On my way up, I hit my hand on a fiberglass/asbestos core high voltage sign probably from the 20s, and for a few hours, it looked like there were fibers in my hand. Truly worth it.