California Color Guidance: Sage Green & Green Color in C.G.I.Co. Ponies

By Colin Jung; posted March 2, 2012

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It drives me kinda crazy to see green C.G.I.Co. ponies being sold online as sage green C.G.I.'s. So I tried to take a photo to show the color difference. Left to right: a green round top mold pony, a sage green point top mold pony, a sage green CD 161 California signal for color comparison and lastly a green point top mold pony. Note that the sage green C.G.I.Co. PT mold is slightly taller than the other CGI's pictured in both mold types.

I have only seen three sage green C.G.I. ponies become available in my 12 years of collecting. The one in the picture came from Jim Sinsley in a trade years ago. A second I picked off eBay awhile back that went to Jim White and a third that is coming in the mail.