CD 723.7 Smithsonian-Rare

By David Leo; posted February 24, 2012

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Unknown to the sacrosanct CD numbering system, this crown jewel only comes along once in a lifetime—much like a balanced U.S. budget or a visit from a DNR officer.

This insulator was originally clear, but due to exposure to the sun and excessive hubris, turned jet black. When exposed to halogen lighting it is actually Hemingray Blue with amber swirls. Under careful laboratory conditions, a thermal photograph of the insulator reveals tiny bits of West Virginia bullet shards and chromium oxide (see right photo).

Please note this insulator was discovered during the dig of a construction site in California, but the exact location cannot be revealed until the glass press and molds are hidden in the garage. $338.00 shipped. Insurance optional but likely not necessary (especially once the package is entrusted in the supple hands of the United States Postal System).

A similar example is rumored to exist in the Brent Burger collection, but this is unconfirmed and most likely—hearsay—until that interview is documented via Skype.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to own a piece of ICON history! Hurry before the NIA declares it altered or Bill Meier censors this.