CD 732 Threadless in Aqua Sale

By Barrett Nicpon; posted January 31, 2012

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Up for sale is a great old threadless work horse of an insulator - a CD 732 in that kind of characteristic grayish green aqua colour that these seem to show up in. This piece is of unknown provenance, unfortunately, as I acquired it a few years ago as an addition to the collection from a collector who did not know its exact origins. Although I've enjoyed having it, it really doesn't fit in with my Canadian threadless specialty collection, so I'm passing it along to the next person! This piece is one crude beast, with all sorts of bubbles and milky swirls throughout the glass, as well as a thoroughly whittled insulator surface and several straw marks. The glass surface is very shiny, as though the piece was never buried. All in all, it's a great insulator, except for its condition...

The piece, while displaying well from a couple orientations, is missing a significant portion of the skirt on one side as shown in the picture. A chunk about 2" by 1 1/2" is missing from one side up to the wire groove. The surface of this chip appears to be quite fresh.

Now asking $99.00 U.S. plus shipping for this piece. It's certainly an affordable and good-looking example of an otherwise pretty tough style of threadless to find. I accept PayPal, money orders or bank cheques, or personal cheques from any member of ICON, or anyone I have dealt with before. Please feel free to look through my previously unsold items in the "For Sale (Not Sold)" folder, and combine purchases to save on shipping.