Old pole

By Cliff S.; posted August 6, 2002

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And old pole in Buckingham, FL NOTE: This pole is located in a small community in Buckingham, FL, which is rather old. every pole within this location are like this, others simply have the cans mounted on crossarms of their own with the primary bushings on the side of the can. the config of this particular pole is hard to explain, but here goes nothing: the first wire to the far left of the arm is a neutral that goes off to the roadway lighting, there are 2 phases to this, the shown lamp is a 175W Mercury vapor, mounted above the transformer, cutout & arrestor, as are the secondary wires. the insulators on these poles are porcelain, if I am ever back out there i can try to identify them. Update: I went out there again, appears that the pintype insulators in use out here are lt. brown cable tops.