(BF/NY sold), Super Swirled 113 Hemi

By Jeff Lisenbee; posted January 14, 2012

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For sale today is a 102 Brookfield/New York pony That I've had for about 10 years. It's very light lilac purple in the dome area and silver clear everywhere else. Nice condition, too, with a pencil eraser tip sized chip in the wire ridge to one side and a factory annealing line about 1/16" deep from the top center of the dome to the wire ridges. Next is a pretty extreme swirled Hemingray 113, it is difficult to photograph as to show of it's full beauty, but it's a bunch better than the majority you will see for sale. I see 6-7 chipped drips and a pencil eraser tip sized shallow chip at the upper wire ridge to the side, no disappointments. $48 each, plus shipping about 8 bucks each and will combine on multiple purchases. PayPal, money orders, checks.