A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words?

By Dwayne Anthony; posted January 13, 2012

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I'm posting this photo in response to a series of ICON posts regarding a similar CD 112 Brookfield keg offered on the E-Place. This photo is the second in a series of three that were taken to document one of the many irradiated insulator reversal experiments conducted by me on behalf of the NIA Irradiated Insulator Educational Project.

The item of interest here is the second in from the right end, the Brookfield keg. This insulator was originally aqua, then turned to a deep purple with radiation exposure. You are seeing the results of fading after a period of direct sun exposure. This insulator continued to completely fade back to aqua, but only after proceeding through multiple phases and intensities of purple/aqua two-toning. Click on "View Original" above for a better view.

(Added note: All insulators pictured above were originally aqua. You are seeing varying degrees of reversal from the irradiated color.)