7 Great CDs-735 UPRR, Sapphire NEGM, CD 138........

By Miles O-B Mclall; posted January 1, 2012

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L to R, top to bottom:

CD 145 N.E.G.M.Co., Sapphire Blue, Nice bubbles!, This was found in the Big Timber, MT. area. VNM-..............Pinky nail flake at left mold line in the wire groove, open bubble at base in front (you can see it in the photo), and a couple of pin pricks in the rear. $ 330.00

CD 735 [020] MULFORD & BIDDLE - U.P.R.R., Darker than Blue Aqua.........Maybe Powder Blue? This was found by Mike Bliss along the Transcontinental R.R. in Wyoming. VNM-.........elongated open bubble in the upper wire groove ridge on the Mulford side (See photo). Pinky nail chip up from the base under the U in "Mulford" and a couple of small open bubbles at the right hand mold line at the base in the photo. A paper thin half pinky nail flake on the base (this piece has been tumble cleaned). Book for Blue Aqua is 500-600, book for Powder Blue is 600-700,....... Since this falls somewhere in the middle lets go with $550.00 SOLD! Thanks!

CD 1070 [010] Hemingray, Aqua. Cool Spool!!!, NM+...........a couple of large bottom skirt flakes and some roughness. $ 5.00 Sold Thanks!!

CD 106 [120] Hemingray, Nice saturated 7-UP Green, VVNM..............has a couple pinpricks on the rear skirt and rear dome. $ 27.00

CD 257 Hemingray, Carnival (not factory original) has a nice "Rain Bow" shine on the ears and on the top of the WGR, Mint Condition! Mint Condition! Mint Condition! $75.00 SOLD for $ 50.00 @ Yuma AZ tailgater Feb 2012

CD 121 W.G.M.CO. Stunning Royal Purple (does not show up well in the photo) VNM-............elongated base flake to the left of the embossing and a little nibbling to the base in the rear, 1/2 pinky nail base bruise (no glass missing) and a little wire groove rubbing. $ 25.00

CD 138 [015] POSTAL TEL.Co., Light Aqua, VNM..............Match head chip at mold line on the upper WGR, elongated base flake a little larger than a match head, and a couple of scattered pin pricks. A little inside base roughness and match head bruise at the start to threads. Neat heavy piece of glass, great clarity and sparkle!!! $ 25.00

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