6 Great Canadian Pieces.............. Color!!!

By Miles O-B Mclall; posted December 31, 2011

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From left to right top to bottom:

CD 121 [003] "Diamond" with ['B.T.C./CANADA' blotted out] beautiful saturated Royal purple, VVNM....... Small WG rubs, upper WGR pin prick, one base pin prick. $ 40.00

CD 154 [020] DOMINION with a 7 under the "Diamond" -D- "Diamond" on the rear. Glowing Honey amber, MINT condition! $ 90.00 SOLD! Thanks!

CD 145 [010] G.N.W. TEL.CO. Dark Purple/Royal Purple VVVNM+....... a very light WG rub, $ 85.00 SOLD Thanks!!

CD 143 CANADIAN PACIFIC RY CO, Withycombe - (69 vertical ridges above and 9 left hand spiral ridges below wire groove), light aqua, with a nice bubble with some amber in it VNM-.......some nibbling on the spiral ridges, 1/2 pinkynail base flake dime size chip at right hand mold line and some WG rubbing. $ 50.00 Sold for $ 45.00 Thanks!! See [id=346381095]

CD 143 [010] STANDARD, Royal Purple with a neat indentation on the dome, VNM-........1/2 pinky nail flake on bottom WGR in front, elongated chip/flake on base under the "NDARD" of STANDARD and a little WG wear. $ 60.00

CD 143 [120] Withycombe -with 52 vertical ridges, Green aqua, NM....... large double arching fracture up from the base in the rear, dome ping and a couple of flea bites. Great color, displays VNM-. $ 25.00 Sold. Thanks!

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