Now, Here Is a Dude You Don't Want to Mess With

By Joe Maurath, Jr.; posted November 25, 2011

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Word has it that this handsome gent bids a lot on FleaBay (fBay) and wins every time. Just do not try to outbid him especially when it comes to catnip grown South of the Border. He is a professional sniper...and then some.

He also has an affliction for CD 257 Mickey Mouse insulators. I wonder why?

In addition, it is rumored that there are no mice nor any other furry little creatures within several city blocks of downtown Fecklesburg where this chap currently resides with his family.

Added note: His application was accepted for service in the National Guard. However after some convincing by his Mrs., he recently changed his mind. The FPD in his home town hired him part-time last week owing to his "No B.S." way of handling situations that the guys on the force cannot effectively resolve. The FPD's Man Eating Police Dog has been retired.

"Shredder" is a cat who certainly is a legend in his own time ;-)


Added Note 04/22/12: Shredder now is part of another venture. [id=339639240] for a photo of is master and a description of their rather clandestine activities in order to keep the cat food on the plate and everything else purrfect.