CD 731 to CD 133 Metamorphosis

By Dave Wiecek; posted November 21, 2011

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Here is a CD 731 [010] Brookfield placed next to a CD 133 [230] Brookfield. The mold of the CD 731 was reworked into the CD 133 mold. Both are a shop number 6. The 6 on what would have been considered the rear skirt of the CD 731 was erased when it was reworked. The W. Brookfield name and 55 Fulton Street N.Y. address on the skirt under the Cauvet embossing of the crown was also erased. The new embossing on what became the front crown now featured the missing 6 placed prominently in the middle of the Brookfield name and address when it became a CD 133. The Cauvet's patent date embossing is identical and clearly from the same mold. Notice how the flat dome was reshaped. Traces of where it ended appear as though it is a circular mold line.

This old CD 731 didn't just die, it metamorphosed into a CD 133.

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