2011 Combined KCGW Display Part B

By Gene Hawkins; posted November 8, 2011

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This is a real treat! On the top left you have ELEVEN of the very rare CD 146.5's!! We think we know of another 4 that did not make the trip. All are the same light celery color, a few with milk strings, likely from the same batch of glass. Another rare sight is we even had an aqua CD 163.2 show up, top row, 3rd from the right. Most are light celery. The 2nd row treats you with the also rare CD 134 "Big Boy" which has the KCGW blotted out and a 3 inch skirt! On the right side are the 5 mysterious & intriguing CD 133.3's. Below are the normal CD 134's both embossed & blotted out, Same with the 162's & 164's. The blotouts are real sleepers!