2011 Combined KCGW Display-Part A

By Gene Hawkins; posted November 8, 2011

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Starting out is the 102.3, in a variety of colors. Especially noteworthy are the very scarce CD 124 [030] (7&8 from the right, top row), The CD 120's and 151's are on the 2nd row, with the quite rare CD 151 [040] which have a larger diameter & skirt shape than their tealish bretheren. The most obvious jewel on the entire stage is near center, the "citrine" CD 145 came out of hiding thanks to it's generous owner. All who saw it were awestruck. It made the unlisted blue one next to it ashamed to be onstage with it. The second row from the bottom had all CD 160 "Baby Signals", but only one No Name [010] dot//dot. I knew they were hard to find, but it was the only one to show up. Anyone out there have another one? Please let me know.