Insulator display idea

By John Moon; posted November 7, 2011

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Here is one of the two insulator display ideas that I have been kicking around for a while. It probably has been done before but it is different than your typical lighted display. The concept would create a "floating" crossarm which is mounted in front of a wall mural of your choice. Perhaps that favorite pole or a good perspective shot of rails and poles going off into the distance with a great background and maybe a train that beckons back some childhood memory.

Wall murals could be purchased from here:

The crossarm would need to be lag screwed into several studs to support the weight of the arm and insulators. A small light strip could be mounted in the reveal above the blocking if desired.

Hope everyone enjoys this. If someone does build this I would love to see a photo sometime. I will post my other display idea sometime in the future. Not sure why the wall fill in the section is magenta, showed up black on my screen prior to uploading.

**DISCLAIMER - I have not personally built this display or tested it out in any way. Anyone wishing to utilize this display idea does so at their own risk. I do not have any association with the mural website, it was the first that came up on a google search.