By Dave Wiecek; posted October 29, 2011

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CD 155 Armstrong DP1 [020] with a mold and date code of 5 68. There is a perfectly struck 1964 Jefferson nickel on the top of the dome. I have a proof 1964 nickel I will include in the trade. So if there was a significant milestone in your life in either 1964 or 1968 (Got married, had children, graduated college, saw the Beatles in concert, won the lottery, died) or if you collect coins, are a fan of Thomas Jefferson or collect factory whimsies, this piece may be of interest to you. I am looking for a CD 155 Kerr with the Cobalt Blue streaks. It does not have to be the one with the Cobalt Blue blobs. I will consider other items on trade or partial if this is something you are really looking for but my primary interest is in a trade for the Kerr. This can also be part of one of those multi person / multi trade deals where everyone ends up with something.