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By Bill Meier; posted October 27, 2011

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Sorry, signup is closed. The preprinted name badges are complete.

You may remember the push for name badges for Springfield last year. This was the [id=292948548; sample name badge] we printed last year. No cool Ruby this year (last year was the 40th anniversary show)

Well, Jill and I offered to help again this year. But of course we need your help to make it a success! We have 400 name badge blanks and want to print them all! Jill doesn't want to return a package to Staples so we have to at least get over 300 names. Here is the [id=294580754; final count] for 2010.

These instructions are difficult, so please follow them carefully...

If you are a dealer or exhibitor, you do not need to submit your name. But if you have other "go-withs" (family members) please pass along those names.

If you are not a dealer or exhibitor, please email me the names, city and state of everyone in your party. Even if you aren't 100% sure you can go, send your name along. You can click on my email address at the top of this page.

While we are prepared to print them at the show, it does make it much easier if we preprint them.

This is the third year of making badges. We are already in the insulator Guinness book of world records (which doesn't exist ;-) for the most documented number of name badges worn at an insulator show. No one has even tried to challenge this record but we want to top last years record!

Help us in our quest!

For more show information see the official Springfield web site:

Ask anyone, there is no such thing as a "bad" show at Springfield. Even if you aren't buying or selling hundreds of insulators you will meet, and make, friends from all over the country. BE THERE!