Milky Mouse & Blob in Star

By Dwayne Anthony; posted October 5, 2011

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These two insulators changed hands at the 2011 Double D Tailgater in Grand Terrace, CA. The CD 257 electric mouse has some great milky swirling at dead center. The star signal has a decent black blob in the dome that bleeds down into the skirt, possibly a mangled bottle cap or something of that sort? It does strongly attract a magnet. ***Update: Upon closer inspection, this is clearly a bottle cap with a portion of it nearly severed from the main body and hanging downward. This damage likely occurred when the cullet used in the insulator's production, which also contained the bottle cap, was run through a glass crusher before being added to the glass batch.

Here's solid proof that continually attending shows does pay off. Hope to see you at the next one!