Suspension Display (09/26/11)

By Christopher Pasquale Amodeo; posted October 3, 2011

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These are the 6 suspension insulators that I own. All that was needed to build this display was 6 concrete blocks, a short piece of 4X4 wooden landscape tie and a thick metal eye hook (from Home Depot). I drilled a starter hole for the metal hook into the 4X4 tie. I then screwed the hook into the wood. I then primed the wooden tie with 1 coat of white primer and then used 2 coats of semi-gloss white paint. I hosed off, then neatly stacked the 6 cinder blocks (one has black paint on it) (I didn't have another one without paint on it). I attached each suspension insulator together, then attached the whole strand to the hook/wooden tie. Then I picked the strand by the wooden tie and carefully placed it on the cinder blocks, then made sure everything was exactly centered (front-to-back & side-to-side). That's it ! Oh, if you build this type of display, space the cinder blocks far enough apart, so that if the suspensions sway in the breeze, they won't hit the concrete. In the event of a coming storm, I will take the strand down beforehand, so the insulators don't get destroyed. From top to bottom...........1.) A Sediver in light-green (from Pat Barkwell). 2, 3, 4.) Sediver's in aqua that I got in Bayville, NY from a kind lineman. 5.) A brown porcelain JD (from Pat Barkwell). 6.) An A.B. Chance porcelain found in Wantagh, NY. These are all that I own (for now). Thanks for looking.