PG&E--My Favorite Long Gone Classic

By Mike Parker; posted September 19, 2011

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This positively ancient PG&E pole spent many many years alongside Hwy. 101 south of Santa Maria, CA. It became my favorite while driving by it on trips in the 1970's to 1990's. Finally and sadly, it was not in sight on a 2005 trip by there. The pole was so delapidated it was laughable and I can see why it was replaced.

My SWAG is that this pole was a placed by a predecessor of PG&E, the Coast Counties Gas & Electric Co. The top arm was obviously the original line using classic Locke M-2360 multiparts. The lower arm looks to be added later when a double 12kV circuit was needed. Westinghouse M-2370 "wasp waist" multiparts were used on it and they were common to the area so that arm could have been added by PG&E.

One of those that you are glad you have a photo of. But why? I guess because I am interested, and by far, most people don't give a rip!