TS Irene 8-28-11 Lineworker Making Hot Stick Connection

By Joe Maurath, Jr.; posted September 4, 2011

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This gent is connecting the line side of the open-type fuse cutout via his hot-stick tool (see my last photo). From there he used a similar fiberglass stick to close in the fuse. Then... a bunch of residential customers got their electrical service restored. The single phase primary from this pole broke loose during the storm owing to a fallen tree. This operation took place literally thousands of times during the past week here in "Good Bye Irene" territory.

Lineworkers are this country's unsung (and often unappreciated) heroes. It is about time they got the recognition they deserve! During the past week these folks worked in plenty of unsafe and very dangerous conditions. By day and night, tirelessly, mostly during 18-hour shifts.

Locally, National Grid, Nstar Electric and the Public Power utilities put five-star-plus, 110% effort into making sure that all of our lights, appliances and gadgets got back working. The kind of stuff we take for granted that it works every time we flip the "on" switch.

Right now, better than 98 percent of the service territory here in southeastern MA is back on-line.

Thumb's up to you dedicated electric utility folks ;-)

And a big thumb's down to every single customer that I have read about in the local newspapers (and elsewhere) who has been belly-aching about their lack of service....


PS...If I had my way, I'd reconnect them last.